Free RPG Day 2022 - Saturday, June 25th!

by High Tide Games

Free RPG Day Schedule

Free RPG Day is this coming weekend and we're incredibly excited! It's a fantastic way to celebrate the many roleplaying games out there these days, and to get something nice for yourself.

Publishers from across the industry have sent us cool demo adventures and quickstart kits, and we'll have these on display. You can stop by and pick one of them to take home, so choose something that speaks to you!

Our local gamemasters will also be running games throughout the day, so come and play if you can! Here are the games we'll have tables for:

Cover of A Fistful or Flowers for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

12:00 PM - Pathfinder 2nd EditionOur very own Shaun will be running the short scenario A Fistful of Flowers for the Pathfinder 2nd Edition roleplaying game. Four plant-like leshies have noticed that others from their community have gone missing, and set off in search of them... This scenario is also the official Free RPG Day product for Pathfinder, so you can grab yourself a copy once you've played!

Cover of FATE of Cthulhu

1:00 PM - FATE of CthulhuSave the future! The Great Old Ones have reached their tendrils back in time to our present-day, and only an alliance of time-travelers and present-day heroes can stop them. Run by Alan K., FATE of Cthulhu uses the cinematic FATE Core System.

Cover of Cyberpunk Red

2:00 PM - Cyberpunk Red: Get ready, choombas, it's time to carve out a place for yourself on the Edge. Cyberpunk Red is a game of desperate street gangs and ambitious corporate ladder-climbers in a near-future filled with cybernetic enhancements.

3:00 PM - A Familiar Problem: Co-designed by Marisha Ray of Critical Role fame and Grant Howitt, designer of Honey HeistA Familiar Problem is a one-page RPG about a team of scrappy and stressed-out wizards' familiars off on adventures of their own! Matt T. will be running our first session of this! You can also pick up a FREE copy as this is one of the games for the event!

Cover image for Little Monster Detectives

4:00 PM - Little Monster Detectives: Where do all those missing socks go once they've disappeared from the dryer? Little Monster Detectives is a game about children and adults who team up to investigate mischievous monster crimes. Aimed at kids, the focus is on storytelling, and the game also provides stickers to show character advancement! Rebecca loves this game and will be running it!

5:00 PM - A Familiar Problem: We've got another slot to run, courtesy of Blake L.!

Cover of Vampire: The Masquerade

7:00 PM - Vampire: The Masquerade: Vampire: The Masquerade is a game of modern-day personal horror. The players take on the role of vampires, caught forever between humanity and the Beast as they live out their cursed existence from night to night. Not only must they contend with their inner demons, but also their own kind as they play out a twisted game of politics and intrigue. Run by Shaun. Adults only, as the game's themes are not suitable for children. 


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