Holiday Gift Ideas

by High Tide Games

Eurographics Puzzles - We are stocked up on puzzles! Eurographics puzzles feature fine art, pop culture, landscapes, parodies, adorable animals, and more. We have sizes ranging from 100 large pieces perfect for younger kids (my 3-year-old loves hers!) to a very challenging 2000 pieces. The most popular size is 1000 pieces and we have a ton of those!

Ultimate Guard Deck Protection - For the card gamers in your life. These are premium deck boxes that have a leather feel, special trays, and magnetic closures. They truly are a top-of-the-line storage option!

Kids Board Games - We have an ever growing and changing selection of kids board games. Try filtering by age to find the perfect gift you can enjoy along with the kiddos in your life!

Fantasy Novels - We recently added a selection of fantasy novels to our store. With books from all around the Warhammer universes, these make a great gift for miniatures gamers.

WizKids Paint Sets - A new product that is great for beginners! They contain Vallejo paints and how-to instructions. Don't forget to get some brushes too!


Those wizkids paint sets look soooo good!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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