Play! Pokémon Team Challenge

by High Tide Games

The Play! Pokémon Team Challenge is a new Pokémon TCG tournament where local game store teams compete for prizes and glory! The tournament is open to Masters Division players only so your birth date must be 2004 or later to participate. The entire tournament series is 100% virtual and will utilize Pokémon TCG Online, rk9 Labs tournament organizing software, and High Tide Games Discord server.

The team for High Tide Games will be formed by the winners of each of four qualifier tournaments that will take place at 2PM on the following dates:

  • Sunday, January 31st (winner Jon Palmer)
  • Sunday, February 7th
  • Sunday, February 21st
  • Sunday, February 28th

Once the teams are in place for each store, they will compete against teams from other stores in an elimination bracket. Each bracket match will be a 3v3 round-robin competition against another team, with the team that earns five or more wins advancing to the next round. Initially teams will play other stores from their state, and then will be reseated at regional, national, and global levels if they progress. This round will also take approximately 10 weeks, starting on March 20, 2021.

The Team Challenge culminates in a Grand Final between the top two stores' teams in late May 2021.

To play in the qualifiers, follow these steps:

  • Go to the rk9 Labs website, sign in, and create a quick profile. You'll need your Pokémon Player ID and your Pokémon TCG Online Screen Name so have those ready.
  • Find the tournament you'd like to register for here, click on it, and then click "Go to Registration", and then "Register".
  • Click on "Player Dashboard" at the top, select the tournament you just registered for, and then click "Deck List Creator". Select "New Standard List" and then "Import from PTCGO".
  • Open Pokémon TCG Online, got to "Deck Manager", view the deck you'd like to play in the tournament, and then click "Export Deck". This copies the list to your computer's clipboard.
  • Go back to the rk9 website and right-click and paste into the big text box and then click "Convert deck list". Make sure the list looks correct and then click "Save Standard legal decklist". This will take you back to the Deck List Creator page.
  • Click the circle at the top beside the tournament you're registering for and then click the green "Submit" button near the list below.
  • Now if you go back to your Player Dashboard, you should see "Deck list submitted" as the status. You are all set for the tournament! Just show up on Discord at 2PM on the date of the tournament.

If you have any trouble registering, please message us and we will help you.


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