Resumption of In-Store Gaming

by High Tide Games

Greetings gamers!

An update on the resumption of in-store gaming...

We're all eager to get back into the swing of things. Here's what we've accomplished so far:
*Everyone on staff has gotten at least their first shot of vaccine.
*We received and assembled brand new gaming tables!
*Interviews are taking place this week for more staff to cover events.

The current plan is to start back slowly with a few of the bigger gaming groups and add smaller games over time. So far we've settled on the following starting dates, and each event will occur weekly after its starting date going forward:

Friday, May 21st @ 6PM - Magic the Gathering Draft Night
Saturday, May 22nd @ 5PM - Warhammer 40K
Friday, May 28h @ 6PM - St. Mary's Board Gamers
Saturday, May 29th @ 1PM - YuGiOh Casual Meet-up
Wednesday, June 2nd @ 6PM - D&D Night
Sunday, June 6th @ Noon - Pokémon Casual Play
Saturday, June 12th @ 10AM - D&D Teens

If you haven't gotten your vaccine yet, do it now so you're ready when in-store gaming starts back up!


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