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by High Tide Games

With vaccines rolling out all over the world, we are looking forward to resuming our full schedule of events. That being said, we're still under restrictions from Wizards of the Coast and the Pokémon corporation and therefore aren't permitted to run in-person events for the upcoming pre-releases. I can't help but feel like there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel though. Let's hope this is the last of the at-home pre-releases.

MtG Kaldheim At-Home PreRelease - Friday, January 29th

The Kaldheim At-Home PreRelease starts Friday, January 29th and you can purchase your kit by clicking here. Each comes with a pre-release pack that has 6 boosters, a spin-down die, a deck box, instructions, and an arena code PLUS two additional boosters as your "prize support".

Pokemon Battle Styles At-Home PreRelease - Saturday, March 6th

Battle Styles is the next Sword & Shield Pokemon expansion. It will debut an exciting new gameplay mechanic with two different forms of attack: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. The At-Home PreRelease kit comes with a Build-and-Battle Box PLUS 3 additional booster packs so you can have your own sealed event at home with your family. These can be reserved in-store only. We apologize for the hassle of having to come inside, but when we list them on the website scalpers buy them all up falsely marking "in-store pick-up" and then contact us asking us to ship sticking us with the transaction fees after cancelling.

Miniatures Swap - Saturday, February 6th

We're excited to offer our first ever Miniatures Swap event! Inspired by the success of our long-running annual Board Game Swap, the Miniatures Swap offers players a chance to sell their excess or unwanted miniatures for store credit that they can use to buy new games or miniatures. Here's all the info for the Miniatures Swap event:

Drop off your minis to sell by appointment the week before. Please read the packaging requirements on the event details link below. Check here for availability:

The actual sale will start on February 6th and run through February 13th. Patreon subscribers get to shop an hour early - starting at 10AM on the 6th while everyone else can shop starting at 11AM.

Here's the link with all the details: Miniatures Swap Details







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