Warhammer 40K Crusade Escalation League

by High Tide Games

Back in 2017 right after 8th Edition was released, I played my first game of Warhammer 40K as part of an Escalation League. I ended up building and painting an entire Ultramarines army in that league. I consider that league the official starting point of my love for minis painting and minis gaming so escalation leagues hold a special place in my heart.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but we weren't able to complete our last escalation league that was going strong in March of 2020. There has been a whole new set of rules released since then so we're starting all over!

Tomorrow (September 4th, 2021) is the official start date for the next league and it's a Crusade Escalation League using the "Amidst the Ashes" mission pack.

I'll be completely honest, I don't know a lot about the 9th Edition rules or the crusade system, but I do know our community and I know they will help me figure things out as I go the same way they helped me learn how to play back in 2017.

So come put some models on the table! The details are all here: https://hightidegames.com/collections/events/products/warhammer-40k-crusade-escalation-league-ticket

~Rebecca @ High Tide Games


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