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High Tide Games 2-Slot DreamHack Regional Championship Qualifier
Magic: The Gathering

It's once again time for a Regional Championship Qualifier! Start your journey to the Magic Pro Tour here. We're hosting a Pioneer tournament at Competitive REL, so make sure you bring a decklist (or be prepared to fill one out), review your deck and the Magic rules, and get ready to compete for packs, promos, and an invitation to the third  DreamHack Magic: The Gathering Showdown Regional Championship!

Pioneer format. The tournament begins at 11:30 AM. Our doors open at 11:00 AM. Please try to arrive at opening so you have plenty of time to fill out and review your decklist if you did not bring one with you. We encourage you to fill out a decklist in advance and have it ready to present.

We recommend signing in early using the Magic Companion app. The code is 62M3NVX.


The top 2 finalists will each receive an invitation to the first US DreamHack of 2023's Magic: The Gathering Showdown Regional Championship. The actual invitation is not physical and you will receive an email from DreamHack at your Wizards e-mail address, but we do have instruction letters to give out.

Promo Prizes

Participation Promo: Non-Foil Mystical Dispute (while supplies last)

Top 8 Promo: Non-Foil Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror

Winner Promo: Foil Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror

Booster Packs

Pack prizes are to be determined based on number of participants.

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