Storm King's Thunder Booster Cube

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    Wizkids, The Industry Leader In Quality Prepainted Plastic Miniatures, Is Pleased To Bring The Heroes, Villains, And Monsters From The World Of Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Universe To Life In This Latest Series Of Fantasy Miniatures! Collect All 44 Figures From Icons Of The Realms: Set 5, The Newest Set Of Randomly Sorted Monsters And Heroes In Our Exciting Line Of D&D Miniatures, Icons Of The Realms. Bring The World Of The Forgotten Realms To Life With These New Miniatures. D&D Icons Of The Realms: Set 5 Fantasy Miniatures Come In Two Product Configurations, The Standard Booster And The Standard Booster 8 Ct. Brick. D&D Icons Of The Realms: Set 5 Standard Boosters Each Contains Four Figures Total: 1 Large Figure And 3 Medium Or Small Figures.

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