Sell Us Cards

(Temporarily On Hold)

We buy Magic the Gathering and Pokémon cards for either cash or in-store credit by appointment only.

Our buy prices are based on market data plus our own stock availability. We do not appraise or grade cards outside of the buying process. We cannot offer buy prices without seeing the cards in person. All offers made during an appointment expire once the appointment is over.

If you're interested in selling us cards, please make an appointment and do the following to prepare for the appointment:

  • Separate high value and/or rare cards from "bulk". The vast majority of cards fall into the "bulk" category which we purchase for a fixed price. (For example, we buy bulk Magic un/common cards for $2 per 1000 cards) We are happy to go through cards that you have determined are not bulk individually. If you're unsure how to make that determination, please message us at and we will provide detailed guidance.
  • Remove cards from binders and sleeves to save time. We need to see the actual cards to evaluate authenticity and condition.
  • Arrange all cards in a box with every card in the same direction.

 Please fill out this short questionnaire so we can prepare for your appointment. The link to our appointment scheduler is at the bottom of the questionnaire.




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