Dominaria United: Jumpstart Booster Box (PreOrder)

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    This product is available for Preorder.  It is scheduled to release 9/9/2022 and will be available for pickup or delivery on release day. Items ordered for shipping will not ship before release date.  Due to the current pandemic many products are seeing delays from their initial release date.

    18 Cards per pack. 2 Premium foil lands. 1 Specialty card.
    Magic the Gathering returns to the original plane of Dominaria, where it all began. Kicking off the celebrations of Magic the Gathering's 30th anniversary is Dominiaria United. New for this release is the presence of Jumpstart in the product mix. Jumpstart is the easiest entry point for new players. Just mix two packs and you are ready to battle!
    18 packs per box

    - $89.99

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