Dominaria United Prerelease Friday 9/2 FNM
Magic: The Gathering

Return to Magic's beginnings for the prerelease of Dominaria United!

This event is our Friday night event and starts at 7:00 PM. You'll receive a Dominaria United ​Prerelease Kit containing 6 Draft Booster packs, which you'll combine with any number of basic lands that we provide to make a 40-card deck!

The tournament will be Swiss rounds, so you play each round, best 2 out of 3, no elimination.

This is a Sanctioned Event, YOU MUST check in using the MTG Companion App.

Prizes given out at the end of the event:

1 Dominaria United Set Booster for each Swiss round win, no pack for a draw. Byes count as a win.

Go 3-0 and get a Promo Pack in addition!

If you go 0-3, you'll still get a Set Booster pack!

Dominaria United Prerelease Friday 9/2 FNM ticket

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