Lexicanum Varus, Terminator Librarian (Pre-Order)

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    This limited edition product is available for Pre-Order. Games Workshop will be making this model to order and will not be available until sometime in October.

    Capable of harnessing the fury of the Warp, the Librarians wield the very fabric of reality itself as a potent weapon. They rank amongst the greatest and most powerful warriors of their Chapters, able to encase their brothers in a powerful energy field or scatter enemies to the four winds with nothing more than a thought.

    This kit is supplied in eight plastic components and contains everything you need to build Lexicanum Varus – a Librarian in Terminator armour. He carries a force stave and a wrist-mounted storm bolter.

    This model is supplied with one Citadel 40mm Round Base.

    Lexicanum Varus will be available for the first and last time during this Made to Order period. Order today to secure yours before it's gone for good!

    - $34.99

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