So You've Been Eaten

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    Don't worry, this is simply an occupational hazard. In So, You've Been Eaten., a Miner collects crytals from inside the stomach of a giant space Beast. The Beast digest the Miner, using Bacteria and Immune Responses. It includes an asymmetric 2-player experience and two different solo modes, as well as a 0-player mode, where the game's Artificial Intelligences play each other. Designed by Scott Almes and illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya.

    ★ Hand management
    ★ Set collection
    ★ Variable player powers
    ★ Dice rolling
    ★ Action points

    Game Contents:
    • 2 double-sided boards
    • 92 cards
    • 16 cardboard tokens
    • 3 custom D6 dice
    • 8 custom-shaped printed acrylic tokens
    • 4 custom-shaped printed wooden tokens

    Ages 14+, 0-2 players, 30 minutes

    - $32.99

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