Space Wolves Dice Set

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    Key Features

    • A set of six-sided dice for Warhammer 40,000
    • Themed for the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines
    • 20 blue-grey dice with golden pips and details

    Each six-sided, round-cornered die is a dark blue-grey, similar in colour to the Citadel paint, The Fang. The 20 dice in this set each measure 16mm x 16mm and feature the wolf’s head icon of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company on the 6 face, the symbol of a stylised skull with long fangs on the 1 face, and tradition pips on the other faces, all gold in colour and surrounded by a round storm shield design. The dice are supplied in a plastic sleeve inside a flip-top box, with a view hole at its centre. The box itself is covered in Space Wolves artwork.


    - $29.99

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