Twilight Imperium - Genesys: Embers of the Imperium (PreOrder)

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    This Product is available for PreOrder.  It is scheduled to release on 4/28/2023.  Orders will be available for pickup on the day of release.  Shipping orders will not ship before release date.  Some items release dates may be delayed due to issues with the current pandemic. 

    The Keleres were established by the Council in the wake of the discovery of the Mahact Kings, and the realization that not one, but two existential galactic threats had arisen in a matter of months. In theory, the Keleres are empowered by each of the members in the Galactic Council to investigate matters that concern the Pax Imperalis, enforce the rulings of the Council, and stop threats to the galaxy as a whole. Each of the Great Civilizations of the Council provides personnel and equipment to accomplish this. In practice, however, the Keleres are underfunded and understaffed. They are distrusted by the various peoples they must investigate, blocked at every turn as the Great Civilizations pursue their own agendas, and riven by factionalism and infighting. However, they are often the only ones who stand between the galaxy and threats that could end the lives of billions of innocents.

    Ages 14+
    2 players
    60+ minute playtime

    - $49.99

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