Warhammer Age of Sigmar Escalation League
Age of Sigmar

We're starting an escalation league for Age of Sigmar, which will run for 9 weeks between May 23rd and July 18th!

Admission is $10.

Start by fielding a force of 1000 points. Each week you'll be matched up against an opponent. Players are encouraged to play on Monday nights, which is Age of Sigmar night at the store, but you can make up your league game at the store whenever time permits (and as long as there is space available in-store).

Every 3 weeks, the points value will increase, so you'll play 3 games at 1000 points, another 3 at 1500 points, and finally the last trio of games will be at 2000 points.

Each round will have a specific battle plan that must be used for that week's game. Any make-up games must use the battle plan for the week that you are making up. The plans will be posted on the High Tide Age of Sigmar page, as well as the #age-of-sigmar channel on our Discord.

Players will need to fill out and submit a short after battle report in order to be given credit for the games that they play.

The league will incorporate rules used in the Seasons of War Thondia book. These rules will be provided prior to the start of the league. You do not need to use the same list of units for each game, but your army must be chosen before knowing your opponent’s list.

You can find the rules and battle report submission form on our Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/fFxAAzQ

Prizes will be determined based upon the number of league participants.

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